International Business Expansion

Make the connections that will take your Canadian business worldwide.

International business expert Cory Haynes and his team at Exportise Inc. are leaders in helping Canadian companies export to new international markets.

We provide export-ready companies with the resources they need to help fund their expansion plans, make the right international connections, and grow their business globally.

Accelerate Your Export Business

Cory combines his wealth of experience and international contact network with the energy and drive needed to get your plan moving forward. With him and his team on your side, you’ll be making informed decisions with ease while protecting your receivables.

Target Market Selection

Based on several factors, including your line of business, export experience, and organizational goals, our team will make recommendations on which markets you should consider and which you should avoid. We’ll also provide access to critical training on local culture and business etiquette so you can interact with customers, employees, and the public with confidence.

Corporate Growth Funding

Canadian federal and provincial grant programs exist to help companies invest in exporting, helping cover costs associated with trade shows, legal services, translation, and much more. Cory has decades of experience guiding companies through the export grant landscape, and will develop a funding mix that will help get your product overseas.

Make the Right Connections

With contacts all over the world, Cory and his team connects you with the right people, organizations, and agencies that will help guide you through the complexities of local import procedures, local credit requirements, tariffs, supply chain management, purchasing, organizational structure, rules and regulations, and more.
Case Study: Montreal Based Manufacturing Firm

Cory brought his business skills to this company, introducing the company to new markets in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.

He also brought this firm to six countries in South America, four in Central America, seven in the Caribbean, and eight in Europe. He also established local offices within each country to continue export growth. 

Cory Haynes, MBA, Founder of Exportise Inc.

For over 30 years, Cory Haynes has opened markets in over 75 countries, repeatedly visiting these same markets to further the development of their businesses. Having circled the globe multiple times, Cory has created, sustained, and maintained important relationships that help new clients take their products around the world, and grow their companies to greater heights.