About Exportise Inc.

We are a leader in connecting Canadian companies to international markets.

Exportise Inc. provides strategic growth consultation to Canadian companies ready to export their products to international markets.

Based on 30+ years of proven success, the company’s focus is to drive operational development through specialized market strategies, accessing government funding when possible.

All of the company’s solutions are created to suit each client’s individual needs, and are built upon three key strategies:

  • Making key connections that will accelerate the export process
  • Developing action plans for further expansion and continued business growth
  • Accessing Canadian federal and provincial government export grant programs

If you want better-existing export results, Exportise Inc. is ready to help your company reenergize your international business growth.

About Cory Haynes, MBA, Founder

Cory has spent his career traveling the globe to help companies create and maintain business in new international markets.

He’s a frequent visitor to over 75 countries, fostering and maintaining strong relationships that clients can leverage for their own international exporting goals.

Cory is also a trusted resource for Canadian export grant programs, connecting companies with the right funding opportunities that help reduce the cost of growing their business outside of Canada.

Starting his career with various textile manufacturing mills, Cory created and grew their existing export markets throughout the Caribbean, South and Central America, and Europe. Having firmly developed those territories for the Canadian companies, he then went on to establish new export markets in the Middle East, some countries in Africa, and many countries in the southern hemisphere.

Pivoting to the domestic market but still using his international experience, Cory then duplicated the successful model of agencies he’d worked with in Sydney, Helsinki, Port of Spain, and London, and created one of the world’s most successful selling agencies in Toronto.

With his current team at Exportise Inc., Cory uses his wealth of experience, knowledge, and international connections to help companies grow and expand their business to new international markets.

In short, Cory knows how to get things done in any business climate. Get him working for you on your next export venture.

Cory Haynes, MBA, Founder of Exportise Inc.

For over 30 years, Cory has used his wealth of experience and expertise in international business development to help companies grow and expand their business to new international markets. Through his current unique partnerships, Cory and his team help clients navigate the export incentive funding landscape and create a strategy to secure the money they need to grow and expand.